Sunday , January 17 2021

Leave the spread of cannabis in Rio Negro

A 38-year-old woman from El Ballinson has been transferred to Bariloche Hospital today, which confirmed she was hospitalized with symptoms of a Chup Consort in Chupppute's Eppian state. Rio Nego refused to break out of his province's disease.

Patient studies were sent to Buenos Aires, Marrakech. It will determine whether it is actually a hantavirus.

The El Bollson Hospital team ordered a group of patients to isolate the family of the patient, their needs and related medical observations, through a report on the website of the Riyadh web site of the Media Office website.

The patient who went to Beriloch entered the hospital at El Bosens Hospital on Wednesday and was contacted by her father for Esquel Hospital in Chubert, which was later rejected and was suspected of being an intravascular disease.

However, a woman in the city of Beriloch moved to a health center of other infected patients to take with her father in Eisel. According to the web site of the Rio Secretariat's website, the woman's influence on the conditions in Chubut state is that the "Spreading Capacity in ElBalance" has not yet been eliminated.

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