Thursday , January 28 2021

Long stretcher on Chilean stock market since 2015

The domestic operating profits generated 3.23% profit per week using a positive attitude registered in the international market in the week.

We do not have a half-year-leave in 2019, but at the moment, we sit on the Santiago stock exchange. Usually, after 2018, with turbulent global markets, the local park is on the winning platform, and some roles are being rescheduled.

When S & P / CLX IPSA's performance ended with a capital wheel, the index rose by 1.1 percent compared to yesterday's 31st (31), at 5,355.98. This adds a cheap profit Weekly 3.23%.

Today it shares the main stock market 11 day progressIts longest current from March 2015

This week's National Stock Exchange has benefited from this benefit for a more conducive environment for world-class assets, amidst fears associated with the trade war between the US and China and the Federal Reserve (Federal). North American Country Ratio Increase

In that context The appetite for investor interest has risen, Raising the price of emerging currencies, commodities and stock markets.

In addition, the most urgent situation in the largest market in the region: Brazil, Ordinance change Latin American exchanges have given extra stimulus to this month.

"In the Brazilian election," the national stock market was very fortunate. " BCI Corredores is also described in the Bolshevik senior strategist Alessis Ozess.

The role of the companies exposed to the country has been largely rewarded. "Lament and NL explained the majority of the IPA's increase in January in America," he said.

The biggest winners of the week

IPSA's four companies showed a good moment in the stock market's chillies and registered more than 7% of the week.

First, Lourdes Airlines, as analysts say, continues to benefit Exposure to the Brazilian market, To overcome the abandonment of state-financed tax abuses by President Jair Bolszano in the context of the gift of the investors to the country's assets. Weekly Issue 7.38%

Empresas Copec, with 7.29% Recovered after decommissioning at less than 7% in December Before the fear of cellulose falling into other products; Thereafter, SQM B-series lays down less than one year after the prospect of lithium problems.

The big winners' quartet sensors have been completed and the Brazilian prospects have a 7.10% increase.

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