Sunday , January 17 2021

Maria José Quintanilla celebrates an important milestone and performs it in attractive bikinis photography

In the studio, singer and scholar Maya José Quintinella, Mucho Gusto de Mega, was due to her holiday in Cuba, Pictures and pictures shared with the customs in the place.

But her 28-year-old woman was very surprised when she published a highly acclaimed bikini photo. He published it for publication An important achievement Coming soon Instagrams reached 1 million followers.

"There is nothing better than punctuation to emphasize your love againYou missed, you can clearly imagine, drink Mugito, dance with a live music group, drive cars, go to the village of Kaikee, eat as if going to life, learn to the jajakja coconut garden. Especially learn to stay with me! Endure me Thank you for giving me this criticism! Everyone! Work, family and You are one million giant families ! (Well, a million) dreams, "he declared.

Estheram Maria José de Quintell

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