Tuesday , January 19 2021

Minister Cubillos has faced the bona fide approach of his former teacher Bill

On Thursday, President Pinera, along with the Minister of Education, Marcela Cubilus, signed the project School Access System (SAE) It has been selected from urban and concessionary private schools, thereby identifying skills as part of the selection process.

"It's not a prize to identify merit, it's justice, and every story of effort and talent in a context of risk, brings a better future for a young person, a family, a teacher, himself and our country. # Access is fair," Writing in Tamil after learning about the project have.

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However, through the only social network, The head of education was in conversation with their former teacher, teacher, sri lankan, with coronaThe minister has been summoned for the announced changes.

"I was two of your children, a teacher, with great boys, ideas, values, ideas … but not very good grades. According to their criteria, & # 39; excellence & # 39; They could not enter a famous school. Includes. Not all banknotes"Wrote Salinus.

Cubillos responded quickly and wrote: "Professor, they may not have entered and the quota could be a reasonably skilled. Talk to adults. I'll come in. 6.9 NEM, National Mathematics, All students always admired mathematics and teachers. # Welcome fair.

The discussion between the minister and the professor was once again challenged by the head of education.

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"Do you see it unfair? Minister? I know In public education, you and share competitors like you and me, like me, should be shared with. Therefore, not in the slogan of Chile, but in the slogan of justice, "the professor replied.

According to discovery Third Prime MinisterSilence claimed that the Minister of Education was vested with power and explained the reasons for commenting on Twitter, but she was criticized for revealing the same information to the students.

"All children in Chile have a right to learn in good schools, what to do: what is the quality of schools, the salaries of teachers and the improvement of infrastructure, I choose to execute children by selecting children's notes, exiting others outside, including inside"

In addition, Salinas declared, "My children are studying, children in private schools and public schools, not the end of grades, but in the middle."

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