Monday , January 25 2021

Molyb will be conducting an HIV test for free of charge this Monday

it Homosexuality and Freedom (Movilh) Announced On Monday, January 14, the HIV / AIDS test will be free of charge At its headquarters All the people who need it.

The Director General of Health of the Organization, Diego Rios, explained:"People should only be caught up in the test with their card. Children under 14 years old should be associated with an advisor. "

"We are pleased to provide this service because we do not think that the doctors will be investigating for medical examination, as many will not be scared, uncomfortable, or treated with medical attention," Movivh appears to be a formidable alternative, "the agent said.

Negative results will be given in 15 minutes The rehabilitative events will be analyzed by the Public Health Institute (ISP). andIn the end, if it is positive, Murray will provide guidance for paying attention to their health care The organization has a contract for that purpose.

According to UNAIDS, Chile is one of 10 countries worldwide., Are the most affected people who have sex with humans.

Testing will take hours Monday to Thursday from 6 am to 6 pm 8 am and Saturday 9 am 5.00 pm 9.00 am MOBIL headquarters Coca-Cola 1410, Santiago Cento, four Oregon Metro's.

it Mobil All results are secretly certified and write a letter to [email protected] or email 226714855 to the email address.

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