Wednesday , February 24 2021

More than 4,000 hectares consumed Active forest fires in Valparanso, Moule and Uuble

The National Early Warning Center reported 58 wildfires nationwide, including one. 13 are active and 13 are controlled.

Forest fires registered in the national territory and their impact are described below. As reported by Konoff.

Valparanso region

Two major accidents have occurred in the area during the week, with wildfires severely affecting the region.

The fire is named “Obese RNLP” It is still active and currently covers an area of ​​2,800 hectares.

This affects the communists Walfranzo and Quilpook, At least seven houses were destroyed and 10 people were affected.

Due to the emergency, 15 technicians, 41 brigades, 8 tank aircraft, 1 surveillance and coordination aircraft, 18 helicopters, a naval aircraft and 14 urban tanks were deployed at the site.

In connection with the fire “Hakenda Las Palmas 2”, It consumes 630 hectares and is equipped with 1 car pump and 1 cistern truck.

On Friday, January 15, Quilpu sent three messages to the Communists from the SAE, urging them to evacuate the population. Los Pinos, Colinas de Oro, Las Rosas, Tennante Serrano and Vanessa Vargas

Mole zone

The so-called “Lomas de Humul 3” fire broke out in El Mole and is still active, and Teno has consumed 600 hectares of municipal land.

Currently there are 7 brigades, 2 technicians, 1 command post, 1 mobile command post, 4 machinery, 4 helicopters and 3 Konaf aircraft; Teno firefighters and 1 ACHS ambulance.

Uble Zone

La Groda is a 200-hectare forest fire in the Nobel Nouveau region, fought by firefighters and Confederates in the Jungi Commune.

Two technicians, six brigades, two engines, two trucks, two helicopters and three Konf aircraft were currently operating during the emergency.

Finally, the current indications regarding various parts of the country are still present Forest fires:

In the Valparaíso region, a red signal continues for Valparaíso and Quilpué communists.

Yellow Warning for Teno Municipal Council in the Mole Region.

Early warning to the metropolitan area due to the threat of a forest fire.

Early warning to prevent O’Higgins region from the threat of wildfires.

Early warning of prevention in the mole zone due to the threat of wildfires.

Early warning to prevent disturbance zone due to the threat of forest fires.

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