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New space competition: fighting for the moon and Mars colony

The world is walking for over a decade New world orderRussia is likely to become a supercaristic figure, gaining power in China. Indicates weaknesses in the United States. Private companies are rising. By reconciling the forces, we are a world of three superpowers, which is scattered, but growing, in the multi-billionaires, business structure and capital controls.

North American space program

This is the basis for the revival of space starvation and the space lessons for museums. Since 1972, the United States has not been able to send a man from earth orbit, and announced the resumption of the boat into a spacecraft in 2010, Mike Pence, US Vice President, in the summer of 2017. I sent the astronauts to the moon, But this time As an intermediate stop to the Mars. The new space race definitely defined the final race of Mars.

Luis Gonzalo of the Spanish Army.

"We do not know who the competitors of this race are, and many analysts say China is a top priority."

Luis Gonzalo of the Spanish Army.

Except for China and Russia, space race will not be allowed to produce space drones. This is a confirmation X-37B, space drone It can be a weapon that can be used in space and weigh about 5 tons and 3 meters in length. The opposite is true of the ancient spacecraft with 38 meters, 18 feet and 105 tons. Unlike old fries transported between X-37B, 5 and 7, No work.

We do not know where we are from this race, but many analysts say China is on a high level. However, when landed for the first time on the dark side of the Moon after the Chaunai 4 on January 3, it's only a major milestone in achieving an unprecedented milestone. . For mankind.

Changing program

The fourth test of the Chang'e program was honored with the goddess named by Chinese mythology as a citizen of the Earth's Satellite and marked by the first orbital investigation launched in 2007 by China.

Chang'ing 4, Scout Vehicle, In 2036 a man-made mission would be arranged With the notion of geography, the knowledge of the mineral composition and surface structure, and the measurement of the neutron and non-lethal atomic atoms. Therefore, the United States is defined as its purpose to live in the Moon to reach the Mars. It proposes to live in the provinces of Chongqing.

The complex Russian situation

The Soviet Union initially did not fight to reach the moon, but a large number of analysts defeated the space game. Sputnik, Laika, Gagarin or Mir Four Mightific Borders, which gave the final victory of the Space Race. The International Space Station (ISS) without the Russian knowledge could not have been. For this reason, one of the countries that Russia belongs to restore its status as a world power To revive their space capabilities and aspirations.

Russia plans to send Russia closer to the Moon in the summer of 2030, an international sanction, in April 2018, and plans to close new shipments in April 2018. FederationConstruction of a supervised rocket Fly to the Moon And building New Cosmix It is about 700 square kilometers inland from the border with China. In 2015 it announced that it would resume the Russian space game.

In addition, it works to build modules suitable for colonization to exchange stocks with other countries (Canada, Japan, the United States or the European Union) to develop in an international center in lunar orbit. In 2022 the first module will be launched. However, the eruption of relations between Russia and the West and the escalation of the war to Russia An independent space program Or, associate with the Chinese program. today, China It appears More trustworthy and friendly partner More than the West

Private companies

But the capitalist world has blocked the borders and does not regard national states. A large number of analysts intend to take advantage of a draw competition for an individual space race. We do not need to consider enough capital in the world's 20 most powerful countries in 2016 for five companies in 2016.

Luis Gonzalo of the Spanish Army.

"Alon Musk, Jeff Bashow, and Richard Branson spend a lot of money from the moon or Mars or human settlements to develop space tourism."

Luis Gonzalo of the Spanish Army.

In this context, billionaires and large corporations also compete in space competitions. Alon Mask, Jeff Bessos, and Richard Branson spend a significant amount of money for the development of space tourism and a significant amount of money for the lunar or human incomes on Mars. It's not a funny thing because Falcon, the world's most powerful rocket, is a private company (SpaceX).

The first objective of private entrepreneurs is to reduce space shuttle costs by designing renewable orbital rockets. Cranial Blue As Space X o Virgin Galactic They create more space in the space and defeat it. The first place will be to attract lucrative partnerships with governments, such as the US, to attract space shuttles and expand and finance businesses.

Perhaps, although all are projections and corpses, it is there that there are great dynamics of the space race, the moon and the mineral minerals of Mars. Thus, there are few who are predicting that first-class citizens will work for mining companies. It has been speculatively speculated for years and has been releasing small gold.

We do not dwell the moon or Mars. But we are already planning on destroying them and making them profitable. It will be Probation is inconceivableWhich country / country or corporation / corporation will win or win This nation or colonization of the country or countries / countries or corporations / corporations They either take the Moon or the Mars, But it's not very complicated to guess what our satellite, the red planet, and anywhere in us are.

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