Saturday , January 16 2021

On the other side of the Moon, China's probiot is already undergoing international operations and has already begun operations

Germany, Russia and the Netherlands have been tested and scientific investigations are already in place.

On January 3, we discovered an unprecedented mission to communicate with the Earth on the other side of the Moon. The experiment is already being carried out under the name Chang 4.

Professor Marcos Dias, as we have been told, Chile's satellite is not an easy task to communicate on the dark side of the Moon, the Chile satellite. That is why China's victory is very important.

However, the Chinese test Chang's began to carry out scientific research with the technical assistance of various countries. The National Space Administration Institute of China (ANEC) reported that the neutron radiation detector designed by the Lunar Module and Germany were observing nephasic atoms developed by Sweden. Browser

According to the Mexican newspaper, Milline will send the information to the Earth to collect these devices. The entire mission is critical to generating communication through the nuisance network.

In this framework, low-frequency radio measuring instruments designed by the Changi 4 Dutch scientists, as well as a radioactive source of heat generated by the collaboration between China and Russia,

Thermal source? It is precisely this that will help the Chinese test for the cold lunar nights. In the 14 days of the earth, the temperature dropped to -180 degrees Celsius.

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