Tuesday , January 19 2021

Over 12% of Trinity patients attack


Also known as tinnitus. A noise of no sound source is defined as a volume noise. It is a member, which is responsible for the ear or physical transmission of the body's sound and unusual neurotic activity. "Virus Trinity is very rare, but it is rarely among the 50's and the 50's and are aged 10 to 12 years old, aged 10 to 12 years, and are over 50. Spanish hospitals and Spanish medical centers 29, Vitas, a health center in Vitas International, Director of Medicine and Opportunities, Bartolome Scola.

According to the expert, loss of sound due to any cause, such as various types of risk factors for cellular typing, aging, acute trauma, infectious diseases, antibiotic drugs and cellular drugs.

As a serious tyrant, it is very variable, and there are no objective tests to quantify beyond the person's assessment. "The patient may seem embarrassed when it's silent, but in some cases they can alter their quality of life and may interfere with intellectual work or hobbies to sleep," says Dr. Schola.

Currently, the production of Trinity has not been identified and at times there are various related allergies. "Therefore, one approach can not be established, and each case must be considered in a personalized way, there are various managerial skills that are effectively proven to reduce patience and inconvenience."

As Dr. Schola explained, there are many ways to manage tinnitus. "In some cases, the removal of tritiosis, such as removing the syringes or removing the foreign body, can be used to treat the discomfort,

However, these instant paths are often impossible to remove teenagers. For these more frequent events, the management options consist of hearing aids and allow 50% of the patients to hear the tweets. Tone master by pincer; Tinnitus Retrainment Therapy (TRT) is always consistently combined with psychiatric advice with sound treatment and treatment.

In addition, clinical trials in the chelational regimen for patients with unilateral deafness and respiratory distress are carried out. Similarly, the Chenji magnetic stimulus is at the research stage.

Personalized approach can improve the quality of the patient's life even though there is no healing remedy today.

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