Tuesday , January 26 2021

Remember the chyameles: Purple E! He honored him with the Hollywood slogan Video

Beloved Chimoella's festivities have certainly become a phenomenon that turned the world apart from a variety of world-wide media and now it is an important television network and, of course, you are a brother more than a pet. "

Through Latin social networking sites e! Entertainment TV A video that shared a videotaped video of a popular actor The farewell holiday of a little bird by Eddie Stiller of Oscars in 2018.

You must remember that exhibition, Pearl Jama played Room in the room Tommy Pety in the Memediam section, which was remembered last year for the dead star.

With the phrase "You were a brother more than a paw of a pet.", e! In Latin America, the virus that survives in the history does not need to be alienated and will add to the romantic "Sapfada" or "El Molecros".

Video Already over 92,000In fact, it continues, and the popular Chimulelo is immortalized because of his brother Renato's simple and gratified farewells.
Fly. Then we pay ransom.

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