Sunday , January 17 2021

Scientists have identified genes related to the tendency of concentration

Reverence among animals, but the nature and present integrity exist Scientific study identifies genes This is related to this trend. Researchers, led by Rebekah Young (University of Texas), analyzed five of the same types of plants.

in the Own They have selected the California rats, the proterum valgeon, the alpine python, the frog Ranitomeya imitation, and the senotylia of Central Africa. in the Bahubhāryayi Aromatic rats, Microscopic planck, snails, a common bird, a zoo pumpi frog, and African cycled fish.

A study published in PNAS has revealed that there are two wives and two youngsters between the littered birds and females. He shared the function of feeding and protecting the calves, although they were once mysterious, but they were considered dictators. Men in polygamous males tried to expand their sperm Their swords were not anxious.

Despite the existence of such varied animals, Men's brain analysis The different expression of that gene sequence was associated with a polygamous person or a single person. These results demonstrate that the change in the manifestation of genes in monotheism and phonology is that monopoly is often a natural phenomenon in history.

Authors They found 24 genes Brain function is more intense with monopoly behavior. Rebekah Young explains, "We know that some of these 24 genomes are related to memory or memory, and that a couple can make a difference in cognitive processes behind social relations, or that they can care for chicks."

A scientist says, "It's good to be with a man to get to know his partner and be with a bondman." The species of Priedi is a species of wild animal that is trying to understand that the wild mammal is the mammalian mammal. Unlike other creatures, when their desire is completed by girls, Something happens in your brain It will last forever.

Larry Young, a researcher at the University of Edinburgh, became the mystery of this lifestyle Veloforezine and oocidine There are waves in the brain regions that control rewards. Due to the mechanisms similar to the addictive tendencies, these animals have a pleasant sensation with a special couple.

"For the first time," says one teenage boy, "I see something like this in society." Scientists observed, among man, Never have never Others can not be alone. The researcher has created a diversification system: there's a long version of the derivatives of the viperresin binding genes.

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