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Seven apps can harm you for taking care of your health

Digital health is a big business. But it raises many doubts.

It is equipped with the technology to provide health facilities. Among other things, it includes a health application and a microcapip cylinder.

In 2024, the digital healthcare market is projected to reach $ 379,000 million worldwide, with a significant increase in its value in 2017.

But this particular extension was also concerned: Can they use technology that promises to improve the lives of users?

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Google Store and Apple Store have over 200,000 health apps.

"Sensors, search instruments and other data-gathering tools can detect differences, disruptions, or other environmental or physical factors that can affect disease, treatment, and management," says John Bardey, Vice President of Digital Medical Development at Otsuka, a drug company.

"But that promise is extremely responsible."

It extends from ethics to data security. But how can these apps harm you?

Propagated by John Hancock.

Insurance companies John Hancock offers interactive policies that monitor users' habits.

1. You can pay more for your life insurance

In September, John Hancock, one of the largest and oldest insurance companies in North America, was confused.

From here onwards, the company operates only from "interactive" policies and controls health and health data through the devices Can be worn (For example, dresses) and smartphones.

They will benefit the consumers who have a healthy lifestyle with recipes and gifts. Statistics are based on the fact that interactive policyholders have more than 13 to 21 age limits.

But some insurance experts warned that this decision will be used by customers to use data used to penalize consumers who do not pursue the purpose, and charge more for those interactive policies.

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However, the company said compulsory interoperability should be followed Customer request: Use of health data has increased by over 700% over the past three years.

"Life insurance after the life insurance policy has made it possible for families to provide financial security for centuries and improve quality of life," said John Hankoek, president and chief executive officer, Mariana Harrison.

"We believe that the time and quality of our customers need to be insured," according to which, we are proud of being the only United Life Insurance company on the basis of health, leaving behind the old practices of life and business. "

Breathing machine.

Those with high respiratory disabilities require an expensive machine and no public healthcare system is needed.

2. You can spy on your device

Millions of people with breathing problems like miles of apneas, such as apnea, are priceless, and public health systems will inevitably be given.

As revealed in an investigation conducted by a US radio channel in November, some health insurers provided patients with information on their use of these interventions. Thus, they can ultimately reject users' unwanted coverage.

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But German data specialist Christian Bennigfeld warned that companies need not go to this extremity to inspect people.

His company, an eBlocker, has already spyed websites on the health sector about customer browsing activity through online search programs.

"The problem is that many users are unaware that this information can be monitored," says a medical website for cancer treatment, and searches for searches like "Cancer", for example, "Banfield told BBC.

Internet screen with symptoms.

There are many information about diseases in the Internet.

3. You will be tempted to self-determination

Many years ago, there are many facts about the features and diseases online.

However, modern technology modern patients will be able to test them and carry out genetic testing.

Even public health institutions such as the National Health Service in the UK have applications with virtual assistants to help you spell check.

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However, a study by the Royal Society of Pharmaceuticals in 2016 revealed that more than half of British adults do not go to the doctor using the internet.

Additionally, a survey by research company Minentes, according to a survey by researchers, may believe that more doctors or pharmacists will have more information about health information found on the Internet, rather than on the Internet.

Despite the health warnings: British Medical Journal 23 websites were analyzed, and it was concluded that its accuracy is accurate.

Health example.

There is a suspicion of the safety of health data obtained through the application.

4. They can cut you off

Much of the data collected from patients is taken into account with respect to digital health.

Are rehabilitated during the last decade leaked?

At present, the largest data in the leakage lists is not included any of the health-related healthcare companies all the time.

But earlier this year it has entered the Health Databases of Singapore and has only one-fourth of the population's data collected by 1.5 million people.

Algorithmic biased photographs.

A series of studies on the use of artificial intelligence is emphasized.

5. Be a victim (or not) of a biased algorithm

The digital stimulants argue. Technology will increasingly focus on personalized care.

But many people believe that it can be difficult for patients.

It will take the form of algorithms when reflecting the direct values ​​of people designed by a computer system.

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A series of studies focusing on the use of artificial intelligence emphasize the wide representation of both the team's teams and the data.

The nefield council, the independent British Council on Biotechnology, said: "Data can be made worse by the loss of data or difficulty in synthesizing artificialism, black data, asians and ethnic minorities."


One study found that eating disorders were associated with eating habits.

6. After all, you will not receive any benefit

Studies in Digital Health Success have produced mixed results.

For example, a technique is used to compute a calorie-count article from the Virginia Commonwealth University and disrupt it with diarrhea.

On the other hand, some studies in the United Kingdom show that the incidence of travel and home travel among patients with a chronic obstructive cessation is reduced.

A study by the Bund University in Australia earlier this year revealed that 23 health and fitness programs were analyzed only by the highest educational standards, and only one: GetHappy.

There is a significant point in this. According to a study published by the magazine, the Swedish government has promoted the use of alcohol among students (Promillekoll), in the end, male students have become more of a drink Addiction and Clinical Training.

Natural cycle

Encourage users to redirect natural cycling.

7. Resist the need for you

With more than 700,000 people in more than 700,000 countries in 200 countries, Natural Cycling has been recognized as the world's first certified "digital contraception". A hormone-free method is used based on the reproductive cycle. It was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

However, since July and has come to an end, the application and the company's unwanted pregnancies have come to the fore.

Of the 66 abortions at the Stockholm hospital in Sweden last January, 37 were reported using an application.

In August, the United Kingdom's Advertising Standards Authority banned the natural bicycle ad on Facebook claiming that the app was exaggerating.

Elina Burgland

Natural Cyclone Founder, Elina Burgland.

"No contraception is 100% effective and unwanted pregnancy is a risk with any contraceptive." He said.

Clinical trials indicate that the natural fertility rate is 93%. The Swedish Medical Products Agency confirmed it independently.

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Yet, users will be able to describe the unwanted pregnancies of the "riddles of unwanted pregnancy" and "application" for riding the natural cyclones.

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"It will carry out unwanted pregnancies and check that there is no exclusion in clinical assessment."

"We have guessed women who have had unwanted pregnancies, although it has been accepted that this is a difficult one, however, however, the registered pregnancies in the hospital (that is, the registered pregnancy in the hospital), the number of users in Stockholm 5% It's suitable. "Natural Cycle Technician Director Elina Bergland told BBC Radio 5. Ē.

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