Tuesday , January 19 2021

She has an investment fund as a potential buyers in Blue Express

Blues Express discusses the scope of the agreement that can be used in the coming weeks. Sources in the industry state that an interested party is an investment fund that has not yet been associated with the logistical division but will be given the opportunity to include a market in the future in which a lot of dividends will be available.

Those sources would be an option to prepare a company for future sales to a classified company. Especially for foreign companies.

Ks Group Group CEO Jonathan Just said the operations such as "BCS" could be seen on Blue Express. "Investors realize that tomorrow will be a venture. Everything is done through e-commerce and through imports and exports, as it is technically a technical part, and needs a third party with expertise in the subject.

He pointed out that the main customers in the Chilean market are the Chilean market, which has been influenced by large retailers. It will collapse with small-scale business expansion in the distribution.

Sebetian Odeda, CEO of Beetrack, believes that they have increased their investment in this segment. This is one of the key factors for the success of e-commerce.

"In this way, e-commerce companies are offering their own opportunities to hold customers, as a good office grows through the digital channels according to customer's preferences."

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