Tuesday , July 27 2021

She replied that Karen Beyarano does not want to be a mother again

No one could say that a simple photo of the mutated viral challenge of # 10 could bring such a deeper picture.

She published her photograph of Karen Beyroano in an Institution, and she answered her role as a mother, except for her wife's wedding.

She criticized her by pointing out that she was not a mother again, but with Hendrix Pedro. "Linda Karen … and Karen baby … well already … my daughter Gile's age, Joan Tomas and then Aging Miaiano, they are pretty," @ gladys.fierro35.

"Good morning," he was able to intervene immediately, but he was willing to answer and honest. "It's bringing it to the world, as well as everything is simple … but no, there are many responsibilities with children: I love my role as a mother, and I am always responsible – I do not want to bring the child to the world and I get it I do not give everything, so now I can not, but if God desires, he can come, and I'm glad he gets it because he loves me as a mother. "

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