Tuesday , January 19 2021

Softys is an eight-member CMPC-affiliate affiliate

Unification under the name CSPP Sophie, From all the values ​​of its affiliates Eight countries operating hygiene and sanitary productive business operations Industrial and commercial.

In the past, as a result of the acquisition of companies in several countries, the CMPC's tissue business was Pepelera Dell Platte (Argentina), Fotolia (Peru), Meurerico (Mexico) or Melhoramentos (Brazil).

The merging of the names of the subsidiary companies and the reorganization of the institution's corporate governance process make it the first operator in countries such as the reconciliation of the Soviet Union, Chile, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay, and softens the significance of Softys. And the second largest actor in the whole region.

"This measure is part of a planned expansion plan for the CMPC, which is part of the field of sanitation and sanitary paper and manufacturing, the recent opening of a new plant in Perugia, the latest construction of Argentina and the commercial and development plans of the high potential markets such as Mexico and Brazil, "Said CMC's Francisco Russo Togol.

According to the executive, this plan works by strengthening the overall management structure of Softys. "In parallel with this development, it was necessary to strengthen the executive group and provide enough space for its independence, and it always allowed it to be able to react quickly and creatively within the institutionalized guiding framework," explained Ruiz-Tagle.

Gonzalo Darwoudo, general manager of Solois, said that uniting his name would "create a strategy for improving the unique characteristics of this business". Finally, it was commercial, massive and highly attuned to the needs of the consumer. In this sense, what's Softys reflects more than a name or image, is the result of a 40-year experience in CMPC's business. But it now adapts to new challenges in a variety of markets. .

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