Tuesday , January 19 2021

Squirrel Law: Civilian fishermen threaten to radicalize protest

A New Day of the Movement Mayuilles, Biobio, and RiversDue to unrest in relation to fishermen The law of squid that is tested in a constitutional court (TC).

For fishermen, the law of gridlock requires the extraction of the mollusks by a handful of people who are banned from the industrial radar. It was legally approved by Congress.

"We wanted to publish the law, we won it in Congress. We fight above all to sign the law. On Monday we go to the leaders of Santiago We are sending a letter to the President and, in actual fact, we are in what situation", Co-operative D.Pecahochore Artisanals, David Castro

"We have yet to mobilize, But we look forward to waiting for the executive to remove the mobilization. If the government does not control the royal fishing industry that won the conquest, Let's get out of the way"Castro added.

Industry needs TC

From the industrial sector they were TK. It is a law that is damaging the law "openly" and it is approved.

"Thousands of tons of squid and About 200,000 tonnes, and 80% of the saviors consist of craftsmen and 20 percent of fishing industry; 80% of the craft sector, They never loot one hundred percent of the products"Said the Chilean CRICKET FEDERAL SECRETARY, Sergei Vera.

"We hope the President This will determine how this should be done to the Constitutional CourtIt's best Today, thousands of families who are lost from our source of labor are "He added.

In this context, the DIG Communist Party Hugo Gurierez, During the debate in the Chamber of the House of the Masquerie during the House of Parliament, President Peirr urged people to respect the wishes of the people.

"Democracy Have been declared in the Chamber of Parliament and the SenateThat is, in the National Congress, It is one of the state powers that conform to the legislature. I look forward to Phenerra Respect the sovereignty of the people who express themselves at this time, In this state power, and of course, Publishing the law of Kimmil"He said.

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