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Swiss scientists have detected drugs that could prevent the formation of the cervix – Technology and science

Swiss scientists identify Mastectomable Drugs

The next step in the research is to conduct a clinical test with breast cancer patients. Tvn


A team of Swiss scientists identified a group Ceftriaxine is a medicine that can help prevent calcium formationAccording to a study published in scientific journals.

The group consisted of biologists and accountants at the University of Basel University Hospital of Basel, Switzerland.

The team led by Nicola Atto, the Department of Biology, will be an important step forward in the development of the disease. Because of this Over 90% of cancer deaths occur in menstruationThey are considered helpless.

This drug prevents the spread of cancer cells and the potential for it to be impaired.

These circulating cancer cells (CTCs) are responsible for the development of a magnetic uterus. They go out of their primary cancer and come to blood. In patients, blood contains blood cells or single cell groups.

Objectives, cell dissolution

Researchers confirmed that the formation of CTCs contributes to the epidemic, which makes it easier to position the site. They are different Allow fetal cells to imitate fetal stem cells, Spread them, and retain tissue-processing capabilities. Scientists have pointed out that these epigenetic changes can be reversed after the dissociation of CTC groups.

The scientific community tested 2,486 compounds Used for other indications and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, in the drug groups, the components of the CTC group were identified. CTC manufactures by drug Groups are dispersed and converted into single cells..

The test will now be carried to the next stage. "We think of normal drugs in identifying drugs that do not destroy cancer cells. We have already taken the next step in a clinical trial with breast cancer"Said Nikole Ak.

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