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Tesla: Over 100 years ago, the senior person tried to build a computer-friendly communications network

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The Telara Tower Society promised to revolutionize the telecommunication revolution around the world.

Tysla has spent the past few years in New York that he has been forgotten to lose his honor.

Today, Elon is his last name in Moscow's electric car name and his speech identifies the success of Little Mom's greatest competitors. Guglielmo Marconi and Thomas Ava Edison Water war At the end of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Edison is the best way to transmit electricity Alternate currentHe developed in his patent.

  • The inventor became a reality for more than 100 years after five years of the forecast of niche tessels

It's bad enough Fight Scientific, media and public relations, the Tesla alternativ was introduced as the best way to dismantle electricity.

Tesla's new inventions Basically Therefore, all types of electronic devices can be triggered.

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On July 9, 1856, corresponded to Croatia and died on July 7, 1943, in New York.

During his lifetime, other inventors and entrepreneurs kept the Tesla on a loan Cash– It belonged to him.

  • The scientist knows that it needs to be popular

However, one day he accepted a blunder project that promised a revolution Remote communication In the world, I will publish it forever.

His idea was to create a system World wireless transmission

This project failed, and on January 7, 1943, the defeat of the poorest, indebted and devastated Tesla began. Joke

  • The world's largest lithium battery operates in Australia

However, 100 years later, his idea is superstitious about what is today Internet and WiFi networks.

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Telal Tower is a phenomenon of what the Internet is about.

Competition for energy

About 1900, Tezra contended with his rival, Guillermo Marconi. Messaging Through Atlantic

Thus, in 1901, Tesla investor J.P. Morgan was able to provide $ 150,000 to build a library in Long Island, New York.

"Once completed, a businessman in New York will be advised and able to appear Snapshots London, or anywhere in his office, "Tesla wrote.

Tesla's words were prophecies.

"It will allow an unremarkable device, anywhere, from anywhere on the sea or on the ground, music and songs, a speech by a politician, a seminar or conference in a scientific sense, a speaker anywhere. Far ".

it is good:

"Similarly, any photograph, character, drawing or printing Transferred From one place to another. Millions of these devices can be operated at a single power plant. "

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This tower was a large laboratory in Long Island, New York.

It's familiar, okay?

Tesla's design was impressive and he needed funds needed to build a wireless transmission tower he had called Voḍlensifī, For the community it was built. Later, it was called the Tesla Tower.

  • The mega factory of 13 km2 owned by the TSL needs to change the world in which we live

His idea was that he could transmit high frequency signals without the violet. He has already tried Coils He had been for many years now.

Tesla convinced us that the Earth could transmit signals. It also created not only a communication system but also a distribution system. strength For the whole planet.

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Despite his contribution to science, Tesla died alone.

Tessa's plan seemed to be, but in December 1901 he received a surge in sending a signal to Marquoney Evolution It is sponsored by 17 patents from Tesla from Canada to Canada.

Tesla's project is more practical Promise, But the damage is already done. The investors focused on Marconi and J.P. Morsegan declined to provide more funds to the Tessel funds.

Thus, the Tesla pillar became a mole Unsuitable Finally it collapsed in 1917.

Before his defeat, perhaps his greatest career. Tesla could not be blamed "The Poor World, Blind and Suspicious" Not supporting his project that can change the world forever.

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