Tuesday , July 27 2021

The Chilean dead who died Dia fought for her killing

On this Sunday, young people Paula Dias, 20, died According to El Mostrador.

A young woman was strange That her pain and her hands were holding the temperature.

remember Paula She later became famous Lou Monada wrote a letter Disclosure of your own situation.

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TV Animator Edouro Futen confirmed his unlucky news via his personal Twitter account.

"A strong and courageous woman who lived in a deaf country with personal stamina and pain, we are wrong and I think this is changing."

This request was controversial Reopen the debate on the possibility of adultery legislation Change different items Law 20,584, Regulate the rights and obligations of the patient with regard to their activities related to healthcare.

In August 2018 after voting in parliament after voting, after voting, with the vote, with the vote, with the vote, with a vote of 8 to 4 votes in favor.

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