Wednesday , July 28 2021

The French government refuses to merge Renault-Nissan (now)

The issue is not on the table today …, In the run-up to Egypt, Le Murray said.

Representatives from France, who visited Tokyo last week, requested Japan to join the groups.

The first shareholder of Rennes, France's state-owned capital is 15.01%. Achieves 15% of the French Creator However, Nissan has no right to vote in the General Assembly.

Renault controls 43 percent of Japan. It saved 20 years ago from bankruptcy. In addition, Mitsubishi Motors controls 34% of the total, and in 1999, it emerged as the triple conqueror.

At a meeting with Japanese officials, representatives from France presented a joint memo on the table. The news agency said it was "

This capability has the President of France Immanuel MacronAccording to Kyodo.

Japan's Daily Mail also reports on the integration of Nikay. But Nissan opposed France's influence over France.

All of this is happening GoodiesHe is a architect of the Alliance's Alliance-Alliance alliance and has accused him of having confidence and other financial inconveniences, and has been imprisoned in Japan for nearly two months.

The French authorities have not supported him in recent weeks and are looking for Renown president's successor.

Shoshong has already left Japan's Skirt and Mitsubishi director board.

Japanese Prime Minister meets President Shinzo AbeIn the 2010 G20 in Argentina, the macro was interested in the motorsport alliance of the Renault car owners Conserved as "Stability of the Team".

While Abe shares similar interest, the future of the team should be determined For "companies" Outside the government.

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