Sunday , January 17 2021

The government bought about a million dollars and UV and acid rainbow flags | | the National

On January 3, the government bought the government It has a width of 18.6 million dollars in 14.6 million dollars Raise them in front of Palali de De La Moneda in the feast.

These instruments are operational UV resistant, acid rain, Is resistant to water, and in October, the executive requested the open tender.

According to La Tercera, Apple bought Aproulet and Compañía Limitada and included the cost-per-added tax. Thursday, January 31 There is one year responsibility Facing unstable damage.

Even though there are other low-cost bidders, $ 13.5 million (plus VAT) is included. Technical specifications are not met The flag's weight.

This last purchase is added to the government's budget this weekAll in the framework of the austerity measures executed by the executive since May 2018.

The first was the "remaining ticket" left in the final cabinet of Sebastien Pegera.

On the 7th and 8th of December, the Gendarmerie regiment was at the expense of "food." Each minister will have $ 179,616.

Meanwhile there was a complete meeting The total cost is $ 14,369,250. 80 people, including the president and his ministers, included breakfast, lunch, food, and meals Break the coffeeThe cost of transporting workers, equipment and foods is assumed.

it Travel expenses In recent years, it was revealed that ministers were received by Congress in England in 2018.

Even though such numbers are distinct: Some people paid extra for one trip To the seat of the legislature, others did not have a single frieze.

First, Isabelle Plaka (Woman), Christian Monkwerb (House), Boulder Terminal (Surveyor) and Andrzej Chadwick (Inside). They were paid from 29, 12, 15 and 13 years.

On the other hand, Gonzalo Blumel (Segpres), Alberto Espina (defense), Alfredo Modino (Social Development), Carolina Shimit (Environment), Juan Andrés Fontein (public works), Imilio Santilles (health), Nicolas Monkbergb (Labor) Transportation) did not receive money to provide services to the Port City.

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