Tuesday , January 19 2021

The government's HIV / AIDS Campaign Worst Reasons 6

The internal conflicts of the state, continuous conflicts and killings, and the national HIV / AIDS epidemic in May 2018. The failure to move forward in the plan now makes the misleading final phase of the public agitation.

On the last day of the year, HIV The appearance of the business was generally astonished. Without a ceremony or pre-trial, the government can issue HIV. A competitive bid for the PASSPORT of 400 million will have a high impact on the market. People

There are no minimum requirements for public healthcare against the epidemic plague. I will provide some basic reasons for the analysis.

1. Completed NAA H. And. The campaign can be carried out without a propaganda campaign without a propaganda program at the end of the year. The final stage of the propaganda campaign started. With a very tenuous platform, he asked youths to call for a massive statistic without asking the object. By now, at the end of its second phase, it is important to provide considerably designed and very friendly sample work samples to ensure that the budget is implemented in the tender, without warning.

2. It's not a prevention campaign. Eci.ayi.vī. The infection is only promoted by HIV. It is not a program for the prevention of transmission or the promotion of self-protection behaviors. Health, which proposes to reduce it, diverts away from its objective. Breastfeeding diseases. This program has already begun in Pinera's first government. Using a condom without contact with sexual health about sexual health as well as other sexually transmitted diseases. Siphylife and gonorrhea, according to the Ministry of Health.

3. HIV. HIV Because of the inconvenience of the exam for infection, HIV. Because of the vibrant living conditions, HIV. HIV The purpose of this program is to find thousands of people who live in this country. We have not paid attention to the situation in the plan, and there is a part-time campaign in the same way that there was no positive or general framework.

4. HIV. The focus on promoting testing was based on an emergency diagnostic test at public health centers, not specially designed services in public health centers. In the middle of the year, the promise was to be implemented in the middle of the year, but the reality is that the health services and some clinics are being investigated by the end of the year as an additional step in the list of places where it is likely to be taken into consideration, as well as community organizations in various parts of the country He also did not propose any increase in investigation bodies.

5. AIDS law (19,774), which is backed up by civil society, has only been included in a systematic program of action to expand its efficiency and impact as a physical and regional application, without the participation of health workers in its development. It was carried out during the protests. The rehabilitation of Malalai's time, rehabilitation, dictatorship, civil society, working with SEREMIS, health workers, MINSAL consultants' spiritual minds and the second floor of La Moda.

6.- This campaign of the 2018 advertising campaign is an extremely important issue, as its approach to homophobia and transphobia is based on the fact that these nervous system populations are the most affected by the population, with over 70% attention paid to these groups. Incidents and the large number of deaths. The campaign does not care about this problem, and there is no special effort to reach this population. Usually, the message is continuously supplied, and includes both homosexual and females. A common policy that does not pay proper attention is considered to be a form and margin. What does not name does not exist.

HIV The evidence and mainstay of the various efforts in support of the response to the epidemic is evidence of the government's inability to implement adequate state policies. Corrections will be made by 2019 and we hope that the wellbeing of Chileans will increase.

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