Tuesday , January 26 2021

The Hydeon doctor who became a machete in mafia became a hero

Violent Fatal accident This Wednesday was registered on the road between Marseille and Valdeca, on the Via Rio region.

Due to under investigation, a truck hit with a car Load was in the box Transfused patients.

9 people were killed and 11 were injured. Among the survivors are prominent people Save four people It influenced it.

This is a gynecologist, Ginal Jules, who was traveling to the vans With his patients.

In an interview Radio bio-hotsJules said that the accident was not at the beginning.

"I used to sit, I felt worse, and when I got up, I completely destroyed the vanI could not see anything else. "The doctor said.

Record Room | Hector Andrej United Nations
Record Room | Hector Andrej United Nations

In his speech, he pointed out that there was a space in a window that broke his seat behind his seat He was able to get out of the carWhen we remembered, the truck's load was loaded.

"After I left, I knew it Without performance, I could not. I went back to save people in the van.

As a whole, four of his four sons, Lamyi Thomas, a Haitian woman, rescued four. Pregnancy 30 weeks.

The ginelle claimed that she had never seen her again, that he had touched her partner, that she was well and that the child, I can release this Friday.

Your patients

Ginil was traveling with the patients in his car The six died An accident.

"I can not explain the feelings of a person at this moment, and you know that you are their doctor, they are your patients At the moment they could not be protected… I feel very sad, "Jules said.

He has also emphasized the victims of Mafil and their families. "We needed to do everything to save the patients, but we could not" He added.

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