Saturday , January 23 2021

The Maggia's "Naruto Shindoun" has its own dripping stick

Borrowed: Next Generation of Naruto There may be a year of change, but in the last few weeks, Pete Studios He is ready to give a huge blow to no one expected.

Study Hokak's son will be temporarily abandoned, Focus on him and his dear friends. A few weeks ago, Pietro was diagnosed as planning for the 2019 plan. They temporarily abandoned Beerheat Mama and adapted the novels Naruto Shindoun.

The confirmation was confirmed Ṣuṣiṣā Last released Week Shonen Jump, The next release date is set February 10.

However, this adjustment is problematic Instead of the lover Bodhi Or if publishers distribute space on television because the publishers do not make it clear Naruto Shindoun It will be an individual animation, or it will be a spin-off part.

As they have already identified, they are broadcast on Sundays and will remain on the screen Three weeks.

Naruto Shindoun It consists of three volumesEach person was focused on a character Sasukī and Sara, Second Nārūṭō And the Urumqi family and the third place Ṣikamāru.

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