Sunday , January 17 2021

The OECD study revealed that 44 percent of children in Chile are overweight or obese

Chile's latest OECD study on public health 44 percent of children are overweight or obeseGrows to 34% of adults.

In view of this, a number of institutions have been proposed to improve public health policies, including strengthening the broader group of prevention policies already established, such as the Labeling Act and Eligevir Sano. The younger generation is targeted by limiting productivity and establishing a rigorous monitoring system.

Metropolitan Health Service, Rosa Choice, confirmed this Education and information are the primary axis to overcome the consequences of this obesity The consumer obtains on food.

In addition, encourage additional hours in schools and during working hours.

In this regard, the Deputy Chairman of Committees Health Commission Juan Luis Cabroso hopes to implement a new obesity policy in March There is a need for radical change and integrated work between ministries of health and education.

"It must change the food culture of Chile," he said.

"There is a Chilean health system and a healthy action plan," the study warns. However, "public health problems faced by the country can tension any tension."

"The use of cigarettes is relatively high," he said, "but the rate of obesity is increasing but is rising and the number of deaths due to cancer is high."

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