Tuesday , January 19 2021

The president announced the resetting of the bases of antarctic freontonta air base

it Sebastian Piega, Chairman of the Edwardado Freemontlau Air Service, was presented on Saturday. In the Chilean Antarctic area.

The President announced on the reconstruction of the largest infrastructure in Antarctica, Chile. Cecilia Morel, Defense Ministers, Alberto Eshina, Cultures, Consuelo Vaddez, And science and technology, André CoauIn addition to the magnate senator Carolina Guy (DC).

"In the Free Foundation, this renewal has a number of objectives Let's improve the runway, Is one of the permanent relationships with the continent and it is Develop signals, As it can to fulfill the task it needs, "Piñera explained.

"And also Let's build a doll Chile, the base and the Antarctic Peninsula, especially Punta Arenas, will be provided within 365 days in order to facilitate the beaches. "He said.

In May of that time, the Liupola government identified a "critical state" experienced by the Copenhagen regime.

The head of state restarted his program in the second week of Friday on Friday, and was abolished in the week after the chapter on interior affairs minister Andriy Chadwick. The crime of Kancho Katrincka in La Arucania.

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