Wednesday , February 24 2021

They report a shooting in Providence: Two carabiners were injured

An operation by the Providence Commune has been launched following reports of a shooting that injured two police officers.

As Lt. Col. Natalia Guterres of the State of Santiago Orient pointed out, the procedure began in the La Reina municipality. City security forces have launched a follow-up on two motorcycle theft cases.

“As a result of the aforementioned results, he moved to the Providence Commune, where he was confronted by police officers while he was conducting his security work in the Commune, and when he learned of it, he tried to change their attitude. Stop, ”he added.

For this reason, he said, they went beyond that and started firing. The two injured police officers are being evaluated at the Corporate Hospital.

The Ministry of Transport points out that Bilbao Street maintains limited traffic on both sides between Miguel Claro and Roman Diaz.

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