Saturday , May 8 2021

They reveal that a substance that is potentially hazardous to health is hidden in the shower

A team of researchers from Colorado University in Boulder, the United States, showed that showers may have neuberculous mycobacteria associated with lung infection, according to a research published last week in the mBio magazine.

Within the research, their authors collected samples of bacterial biofilms from the showrooms of 656 American homes. and 13 European countries. Laboratory tests have shown that showers often have abundant mycobacterial colonies that differ depending on the geographic position, chemical composition of the water and the source of vital fluid.

Non-tuberculous mycobacters were much richer in showers that supplied water from the supply system compared to those who received water from the wells, and they were more abundant in US homes than the European population.

Researchers believe that these patterns are probably partly due to differences in chlorine-based disinfectants. The material with which the shower head is made also has an effect on the accumulation of bacteria, as more plasma concentrations of mycobacteria have been detected in metal pluvials than in plastic.

It has also been found that nontuberculous mycobacteria thrive in regions where lung diseases are common, as is the case in southern California, Florida and New York.

"There is a fascinating microbial world that advances in your shower and you can be exposed every time you shower," said Noah Fierer, co-author of the study. "The actions of the kind of water purification system we use in the materials in our pipes change the composition of these bacterial communities," Fierer added, stressing that "there is definitely no reason for fear of showering."

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