Friday , January 22 2021

They turn their sex messages to their fiancé on their creator

A dispute arose in Amazon's dispute. Its founder has reported that his wife had been unfaithful.

Founder Jeff Beaux Amazon And now He is the richest man in the world He is grateful, thanksHe filtered messages and photos sent to his fiancé.

If this seems like a gossip magazine, we need to explain it This can affect the image Amazon For this reason, It will have a negative impact on millions of losses and other parts of the world.

Amazon Jeff Beaux

Clearly, we go straight to gossip.

Jeff Beaux-Cole McCabe had publicly announced his divorce after marrying a 25-year-old with Besoz. A day later, Jeff had sex with his boyfriend And Jeff's risky photographs from him.

This was a powerful influence in the media The boyfriend became a close friend of Bezos. Correspondent Lauren Sanchez.

On the other hand, Lauren was unfaithful to her husband, Jeff Beishos. The husband who happened The most powerful Hollywood agents, Patrick Betis. As you can see, the whole burrow of hares Beautiful people.

Amazon Jeff Beaux

Intense Messages There are things that are not done here for me and you. But they have a very clear message about sex processes. Yes, It is clear that Jeff gave him his good "Beso".

How long it will affect the most important page and the effect on it Online sales world.

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