Friday , January 22 2021

This is Apple's iPhone 3 version in 2019. Technology and science

This is Apple's iPhone 3 series that began in 2019

The new model has three rear-view cameras. In addition, the company will develop the equipment in 2019. Tvn


The information will be restarted on informationApple works on new iPhone models Many claim that this company is one of the new prototypes that Huawei and Samsung are pursuing.

Let's talk about collecting Three cell phones, What is one of the three launches of the iPhone in 2019? The Wall Street Journal.

One of the southerners XS Max, I will get that quality.

According to the same methods of communication, this will happen An "economic" device This will provide an LCD screen that can accommodate the company by 2020.

In addition to formatting information, Wall Street Journal Information that the company seeks Reduce your expenses And iPhones in 2019.

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