Tuesday , January 26 2021

This moment was the moment when China was built on China's "hidden source"

China's National Space Administration (CLEP) issued a non-released video at a specific moment for its space test Changji (4) On land Lunar

You will see it as a rooftop, and the ship and its product Jade Rabbit 2, They touch slowly until the moon is pushed.

Peking was spotted in Beijing on a satellite observation center. They then released CCTV through the state channel.

Remember, on January 3, the rover in the Aitken Valley, which is located on a mile-west side. Landing never occurred.

The earth is called the "dark side of the moon" because the earth will never see the earth. Although it has sunlight, mankind has not been able to explore this area of ​​the satellite.

One hundred meters and a width of one and a half meters, These people have six wheels and six solar panels.

The Chang'e China is the name of the Chinese mythology, and the mission was the third in 2013 to carry a satellite to a satellite. RangesThe name of this separatist's pet.

During this year, China plans to launch another test ("Chang'e-5") to extract the soil samples into the earth.

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