Monday , January 25 2021

To check the seat-strength of the Ford Raptor rear-seat seats

Be fully imitated by any driver.

Ford thinks about the most common happenings, but the car is a bit of annoyance. This distorted video, which can be viewed at least by the same robots, RobertBy action.

Appearances of this time Follow the user's behavior Someone made a secret session and then his Ford car goes to his destination.

Sweating in the sweat can change the interior decoration of the seats and its circuit changes.


So Ford created this special thing automatically. Ultimately, a pistol robot was launched.

Connect with a moisture steam system to make sense of the phenomenon when the seat is removed from the stomach.

In Robert's investigations, the cushions are wet 450 ml of water. At the same time it is warmed up to 36 ° C. Imitate the human temperature.

Its hand manages pressure on the entire seat 7,500 times the line. Everyone to imitate the benefit of the decade.

If you are a kind reader Ford Fiesta 2018 Robert went through his seat.

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