Tuesday , January 19 2021

Ugly farewell to Ugly Maripan's Hugo Alarkon

Hugo Alcorcon was the Chilean footballer. The footballer died at his home after the 26th. The causes of death are still unknown.

He was coached at the Catholic College of the University, played the Light Peasant, Melipila, La Serena and Ibiraara Sports Club during the recent past. In Krishadar's small grades, he met Guilmore Mariphant. In spite of the distance, they always touched. Chile fired a non-friend who was chosen through his Instagram account,One brother will be selected"

"You never failed me, some people say" some things are strange "; some say that I say that you are the privilege of seeing life in another way, I know that I know your best version and you want to take a bad path I've corrected you, I'm with you better time and bad. I fell for you, laughing and winning; I'm with you, brother, always supporting you"The current Alavise player is in his Instagram account.

"My friend, my brother, my coon, my mumurite. I'm sorry. Forgive me from the heart. You can find peace, happiness, calmness, and love wherever you are. I will never forget you. From today on, you're playing all the games with me, This united, united relationship with us is steadfast with me, staying firm with us, and contacting me with your quality"He joined the" Memo "at the end of his book.


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