Sunday , January 17 2021

[VIDEO] Self-inflicted attacks against a vehicle that is damaged or damaged without an accident

The video footage started after a video on Friday afternoon became a viral site in social networks A woman who even beat her car behind her car is assaulted by her car driver.

At Los Osigurdos, near Belawiez, Nicolas Herrandez, who was thrilled by all the troubles, decided to return to the car His car stopped Tell him what happenedBut he made a serious mistake: He left his car.

When driving a car with the driver, driving the vehicle light green, Hern√°ndez's car moved forward, followed by a 200-meter post, According to the person who causes serious harm, it was "inappropriate" Now, New.

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"I can not protect a woman because I am living," she said. "I did not want to do anything like that to herBut I did not think that the driver would go on ahead, He threw a bumper and did not have a car insurance. "

The young man is thanked for the video reported by the lady and the registered number plates of the vehicle can be obtained and the carro-cosos "I hope I give him something." He ended up.

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