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What is the Nvidia RTX tickline and what future technology looks like to solve it?

The last video of the atomic heart at the CES 2019 is a good report There is something new about technology Toss line (Or radio-mapping in Spanish), there are a number of complex algorithms that allow you to adequately reflect light and show and depressions, and there's a huge difference in the film industry.

As a result of the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX, as announced in Gameskom's Gameska in Gameska in 2018, as our comrades of Xataka said in a statement, mathematical calculations based on a specific view must be carried out, and in the best possible way to provide 3D images, our forward gaze perspective More than that, in a changing environment. No matter how powerful these new graphics cards are, you do not need to be an expert to know that video games have increased your need.

Shoking, yeah. But it will come very soon

110119 Rtx 01

RTX 2070 is more than 600 Euros and RTX 2080 Ti exceeds 1,200 Euros) Conclusion reached by those who have this opportunity to use this type of technology "Diapers still in the gaming industry" Highly affecting performance.

Video games, such as Bittel V, such as a video game, each RTX has a low standard of up to 65 ft per second, from RTX to fps to 1080p. But if we want to take advantage of this technique, performance will fall if you want to play 4K. DICE a month to start a slice-uped experience, But their number was far removed Shooter ray system without revolutionary technology.

Because if you can see a detailed reflection of the cylinder of a World War II vehicle, and if the update's speed ratio moves fast, it's good [dramatización] FPS of the consoles of previous generation In the end, to act continuously and RTX will be deactivatedUntil this technology improves (until it fits with technical teams), there are more games to take advantage of. As the momentum counts in their hand, Tom Reider's shadow is more and more close to its other high standard wearers Metro: Exodus Or the future Atamune Heart.

At a standard level, this technique is extremely interesting, it boosts the levels of reality Like the next generation (It is this), and it draws attention to its reflection, refraction, and coloring.

When I tried Alpha On PC Battlefield V (without RTX) I analyzed the final version of Windows without RTX. I was surprised by the stagnation between the quality of these two entertainment systems. Not only does breaking down some structures that give thanks to more particles, explosions, and Frostbite engines, but also the effects of all polar bear flying on snow. We add technology to this technology Toss lineMany variables need to be taken into account at all levels.

We're not sure about the exact reflection or the shade of shade, but this In reality, what we see is more equalWhy is it so complicated when it's actually done?

Why is it expensive with current equipment?

110119 Rtx 02

Think about billiard balls. We'll attack white. Get these together. (It recognizes that it is pure enough and has a smile), reflecting its location, reflecting its different colors. Until now, this has been done in a much grander manner, so to speak, how much blow I suffered (However Reserve nation FX Similar to), use Toss line It is often counted and requires many calculations.

This, Extractions from Waterproofing GamesThis stopping of natural change makes it more complex to refract light on this liquid element. Also, we not only speak of their own fear, but also the appearance of the image in their background, and the light in the surrounding environment is repeated, The modern technological demo of an atomic heart is a very stunning sight.

Now, all technical derms are not the reflection of final product. It is a "funny dance review" and will all be better noticed by an additional calculation to manage the interaction with the character and the environment. When playing AI with enemies or with simple people. The goods are different, radically too high. Why? The sandbox You do not see the corridors, unless you walk Idiot.

That is why All this technology sounds like utopia You have to go to the subject much so much. Not going forward, AMD is the first 7 nm design GPU to directly compete with AMD recently with Nvidia RTX, Radeon VII. The 2080 GeForce range (so it's far beyond Euro 700) is price competing competitive enough, and we're talking about a surplus cost if we still have a limited number of limited resources and benefits. Of course, not all our games are of interest in 4K and other activities.

Something reminds me of what industry felt about the request Crisis Using the first Far Cry's CryEngine, the current Windows Vista DirectX 10, in a more advanced way. If a computer can work Crytek's work full capacity, he can do anything.

In fact, it is now advisable to use a technology that is now advantageous to gain the advantage of being guinea pigs until they can be counted until the numbers are counted accurately without giving the sensory organs we feel. Sports experience.

What now? If we want enthusiastic and praiseworthy optimism about technology, it's good to wait for more titles to take advantage Toss line And the cards that support them are currently priceless, since their prices are significantly lower. We already already know how this industry is developing (although it does not seem likely to top up above, now from now on something can be changed for two or two years.) Patience

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