Friday , January 22 2021

What is WiFi 6? This is the best thing that happened in the long run

A few weeks ago, the new WiFi standard, known as WiFi, was weakened to a higher figure than we were uploading speeds and data downloads. In Wi-Fi networks, there was much that needed.

it Wi-Fi Alliance WiFi will be available in 2016, he said. Of course, for the first time, computers and mobile phones will be issued according to this standard, and it will start in the second quarter of 2013. WiFi 6 is important?

If there is a higher speed, it is not important

Yes, that WiFi 6 (802.11ax) WiFi 5 (802.11ac) allows you to load and extinguish more quickly, but it is not a big change. The truth is not.

WiFi Alliance and TP-Link data, the Wifi is from 6 WiFi to 5 Mbps up to 600 Mbps in 433 Mbps. Theoretical maximum speed: WiFi is 6 and 9.6 Gbps. WiFi 5 is 6.9 GbpsYes, there is a positive difference, but it is not surprising.

If speed is not the most important, what is it? Well, the answer is simple. The best thing about WiFi 6 is the security and downtime, that is, fewer devices connected to the network are experiencing less traffic.

WPA3 Wi-Fi 6 Jeep

The protection of Wifi networks is not easy, the WPA2 is very secure but unbreakable and has proved to be several times, but after a long time it took a refresh, and this was the WPA3.

Let's stop thinking of free WiFi at no cost

WPA3 is a more secure protocol Make better encrypts, Or even the passwords will be "simple", but on the other hand they will be safe. Configuring for other devices is easyFor example, we can connect computers via QR codes, something that speeds up the processes.

Network traffic is low

Over time, we need to connect more equipment to our WiFi network, while connecting many of the connected equipment at the same time, reducing the loading and deployment rate, which will be reduced, however, WiFi 6 will promise to significantly improve this situation. Thanks for OFDMA technology (Multi-Access Oportoal Frequency Division).

In summary, what will the OFDMA do? When our devices connected to the WiFi network, the region's network was maintained, and the entire bandwidth of the channel was used when the device sent information from our router to router for less wireless and more efficient.

Of course, this is very theoretical, and we will want to prove the efficiency of the new technology. But we promise a moment's WiFi solution, especially on public networks, for a most common problem.

Obviously these are not the only WiFi 6 upgrades, because there is a talk in it Better energy efficiency For connected devices, a Better data flow to devices and better compatibility.

Now, this technology will have to wait for routers and accessories. It is important to indicate that this new standard is supporting past standards. So there are no problems connecting to the latest routers that connect our old equipment.

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