Wednesday , February 24 2021

WhatsApp forced to delay changing rules after users leak to rival apps | Technology

Application Whatsapp It announced this Friday that it was postponing changes to the rules on the exchange of information due to users flying to rivals such as Telegram or Signal.

“We are postponing the date on which people are asked to review and accept the new terms,” ​​a WhatsApp blog post owned by Facebook said.

The company canceled on February 8 that users would agree to the new rules, including sharing their information with Facebook clients.

The difference is being reviewed and it was delayed until May 15th.

The new terms were rejected by users outside Europe and did not recognize the need to set deadlines for their service cuts.

This difference is related to how merchants who use WhatsApp to communicate with customers can share data with Facebook and use the information for profile ads according to the social networking site.

“We are not able to see your private messages or listen to your callsWhatsApp said in a previous post.

“We do not keep records of user activity in messages or calls. We can’t see its location and neither does Facebook.

Information about the location and content of messages according to WhatsApp Encrypted From corner to end.

“Facebook allows companies to use secure database services to manage conversations with their customers, answer questions, and send useful information such as purchase receipts,” WhatsApp explained.

Although he realized that this could be the reason for the ads on Facebook.

As a consequence, rival app Telegram has shown significant growth in users since the announcement of WhatsApp, said founder Pavel Durov.

Durov, 36, of Russian descent, told his Telegram channel this week that the app had reached 500 million active users a month in the first weeks of January, and “25 million new users in the last 72 hours”.

“People no longer need to trade their privacy for free services,” Durov told AFP without mentioning his opponent.

WhatsApp guarantees it It has more than 2 billion users.

India is the main WhatsApp market with over 400 million users but in recent weeks Millions of people switched to telegrams or signals.

The signal was confirmed by Signal via a Twitter message from Elon Musk, the richest man in the world.

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