Wednesday , January 20 2021

When LG does not see it, the first ever LG Television is missing. Dreams of beauticians and Dreamers Realizing dreams

At this moment, we see the benefits. It's less spaceable, practical, not a dusty and it's the future of the screen. The LG OLED TV R Roll-Screen has come to a revolution in the world of OLED TV, And he seems to have got it in style.

Clean Magic Figures 65 inches

It's not only an OLED screen, it's time to stop TV. About that The first television with a flash screen It will go to the market and reach 65 inches. This week, LG presented LG's CES in Las Vegas, and we are unable to see anything we can do.

With the account Three different posts: What is the look of the Zero View, full face, low side panel or speech sound wave? The line view is only visible to a third, for example when we play some music; In the end, the whole scene, Television has been fully shown for image, Because it's not framed.

Lg Signature Oled Rollable TV Lifestyle Rolling TV

Rollable screen? Yes, Smart

According to LG The roller screen retains all the advantages of conventional OLED Despite its flexibility. Contrary to the fact that the screen "can bend," the depth and realism will continue. This means that you can continue to see Big Little Lys and AD With their previous television.

In addition, it combines the second generation Alpha 9 chip and learning. Do not worry, it does not mean that it will be learned from your TV and that people will not reveal man to bring revolution to people. It is a pleasure for AI to your advantage. It is integrated with Alexa Approsia Adozia with Alex Alexandra Andorra and is compatible with Apple's AirPlay 2 and HomeKit's Home Automation ServiceTherefore, you can make voice calls and listen to you.

Signature Oled R9 Desktop

You need to talk, it's all. The screen can also be controlled by voice, and you can upload or download from any available device. New dove to put the rows on a linear view False If you're sleeping, you'll save the TV.

Sounds, graphics and decorations: everything is combined

Signature Oled R9

The screen has a 65-inch screen, a TV with hidden support, and a front speaker integrated with the Kevlar and Dolby Atmos. your Made of metal and wool It will give at least a modern touch to the room.

Price and available

He simply introduced himself LG has not yet revealed its price It has already been officially published, but it can be seen when it reaches the site or it can be seen on its website. Quickly available. We wait for our life to put the TV out and keep it like a magic. Already a reality.

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