Wednesday , January 27 2021

With the victory of the Yellow Slaughter Collo Cola

Mario Salas The most important challenge in his career was the beginning of the right side of the right. During his early days in Argentina, his Collo Colo, Real Pillar, faced this morning. There is no opponent. Cacique defeated the gang of the Fifth Trans-Andrian division in his heavyweight division. The final result was McLean 4-0.

Jose Agilère took a youth twice. Gabriel Suso made third. Euste Bonn scores from scores. More than anything, the trainer wanted to see how his training team was.

Albos is free for today and Friday afternoon. On Monday, the two-day returns will return, with the arrival of Gabriel Kosza, the Victors arrive at Crystal.

Those who give leadership to the Commodore are on the next test against Krajisnik on Wednesday. They will then leave for Chile to play against the traditional noach alba Estudiantes de La Plata.

ATON Chile

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