Thursday , March 4 2021

19 deaths due to an unknown strain of the new corona virus found in a Canadian nursing home | New crown pneumonia

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[කැනඩාවේසාත්තුනිවාසහඳුනානොගත්නවකොරොනවයිරස්ප්‍රභේදයමරණ19]A long-term care home in northern Toronto, Canada, has discovered an unknown variant of the new crown virus, according to the latest report from the Globe & Mail of Canada. Caused many deaths. Preliminary testing revealed that the virus samples from the six residents of the nursing home were part of a genetic sequence similar to the new Crown virus strains in the UK, South Africa and Brazil. The Ontario Public Health Laboratory is investigating the “unidentified mutation” “Is it one of the three types of mutations mentioned above, or a different type of mutation?” Of the 130 residents, 122 were infected and 69 died, including 69 workers and two visitors.

Source: China Daily

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Author: Zhang Yuji SF107

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