Tuesday , January 19 2021

Artists all the way. | Traditional Chinese Culture Dynamic Sky | David Lincoln Theater, Lincoln Center, New York

The second performance of the David Walker Theater in Lincoln Center, New York, was performed on January 11 evening. It has won the hearts of the Chinese traditional culture for five years.

Vocation Training Center Jack V. Mr. Krann said, "I greatly appreciate the quality of the performance, and I appreciate the particular collaboration of these artists."

Chen Shen Yon is not only excellent performer but also keen on Chinese history and culture. "In this process I am learning spiritual meanings and let me learn more about China's history."

Keenan was surprised to see Zeng's unique, highly technically dynamic shoulder-shaped shoulder. Especially he was amazed by the supernatural composition and the actors' actors. "The overall philosophy is very beautiful and the stage is full of colorful and bright colors."

The aesthetics of the Zen Yandex are excellent, the program content is colorful, and Kirth brings joy and appreciation that "I truly enjoy, everything is coordinated, and we are doing it very carefully."

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Author: Tang Hao, please

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