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Chairman Yo speaking! We are very confidential. However, Chia served as a non-registered CIA at this time. Can not return. This is very good.

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Original Claim: Chairman Maou speaks! We are very brief, but Chu has not been registered. This year,

In a full-time CBA All-Star Weekend interview, Yao Ming, chairman of China's Basketball Association, said: The team can not play.

The previous registration system was made a year ago, and the overseas players are returning to China and an Oriental policy. We will proceed in a more standardized and flexible way in the future. "

"Mr. CHOKE did not receive pre-registration in this regard that he can not participate in this season according to our current regulations."

"However, we are often confused and the players of the national team should have a game of sport in which to make a better performance in the 2019 World Cup, but this is a real conflict, in which case the CBA has an obedience."

"Another point is that Ding Yang is pre-registered, he can play if he returns in the season."

To hire a Liaoning team, Shaw Xi said later that he hoped to return to the NBA to fight back.

"Still communicating with the United States, but it is a basic communication, it is already already in the Middle East, and it's a bit urgent when it's cut, but I'm still watching the news."Go back to Sohu and see more

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