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Chan Baiyang Singing A Song Recalling The Chu Man Who Died | Xing Ye | "Blast" | Wang Baoqiang

Shaw Shinji (Shining E) directed the New Year's New Product "New Wickrama Cader" and held a media briefing in Beijing on the 11th, and the new film's live broadcast theme song "Blast "MV. Shin, you said this time that Cheung Bayyung's classic song was repeatedly interpreted as "blast". The song is pleasing in his racing year. He hopes this song will encourage more people.

On November 11, the film "The New Comrade King" was held in Beijing. When a new play is played in the past, a star club is playing in the shadow. In addition, the Blast Girl's new dance theme song "Blast" MV is played, and van Bojinggan played. The first time to describe the film's details.

I did not have a line when I was a dragon.

Shawn Shinsky said the character was re-defined Bangla's classic song and acted in his acting career as "Blast". As everyone knows, there was no Qin Shinte line in Hong Kong's Song of Tonnon Baubes, which was derived from Jin Yong's martial arts 36 years ago. Endean "," Sui Shi'r "," Shi'inggar's Nazi Son "," Sisters 13 "," The legend of Kondor Heroes "and many other works.

Shawn Shinsky, who worked on Tony Liu's class TV training, was still in action when he became popular. In 1988, he acted in The Pioneer, which won the Golden Horse for Best Actor in 1988 and began his acting career. He played the main role in the television show "Gai Shi Xia" in the second year, and in 1990 he acted in "Gaming". The documentary acted as a documentary film. The film office functioned only to establish his position in the Film Center.

As Choi recalled, when he was frustrated with the years of a dragon, Chen Bayyang's "explosion" is being heard and encouraged to abandon him. Therefore, he will sing this song "Blessed be the Lord" Blast Spirit: "Do not give up, do not give up, believe in yourself, you are the ruins of your own ruins."

According to The New Comrade, Shaw Shingu said, "Struggle is always equal," but there are many new things. During the past 20 years, he has translated into two words and hopes and hopes for everyone. "You will know when you watch a movie," he said, "if anyone asks you, he can not spoil it."

"Van Dragon Superstar" is known as van Baojiang.

The reason chosen to collaborate with Wang Baoqiang was Shoing Shingi, saying that the film's story is about the launch of a dragon, but that it requires a lot of stars. So I can only think about Bao Qian, while he has Super Star star and drone Lover equilibrium, 39; Dragon DR. For this, Stephen Chow thinks he's lucky to cooperate with Van Poweck. "We both died." We all joined and we both meet for the first time.

Wan Baoqiang reminded him during the difficult years of driving the drum jacket: he did not have money to ride in the bus, and only worked for four o'clock in the morning. For the first time only the whole night is the whole day for the countless stupendous role. He can buy five yuan for five yuan to fill a tour, and he returns every time for an opportunity to work, and his information is dumped into the trash. And he is not said to be an actress as an actress.

"I knew that I would never cooperate with Xingye one day," he said, "I have seen the King of the King, he is in the drama and I am also a believer." I also worked hard. "When Makar made his debut, Steven Chau And inspired by his works, "I will remove the two words in front of an additional actor" on one day, and the additional actor is also an actor. "

Venerable Van Baokang, Steven Chau, is grateful for the film's reunion of King of New Delhi. Steven Chow is extremely important in this movie, allowing him to get many opportunities to try different situations to guide every actor.

Author: Yan Min

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