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Fan Shinhai, Vice President of the Securities Regulatory Commission of China, is bombarded on the first day of listing on the first day of 44% of the daily limit for daily limit.

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Many old investors still need to be kept in mind and there are no limit on the first day of the IPO listing, while many new shares were dropped on the first day of listing listed, on the first day since the stock market remained in place and the first installment collapsed for the first days. The situation is completely lost and it is replaced by "one-page day limit".

However, in the near future, they will be replaced by market-based performance instead of such a so-called "unstoppable new section".

China's Securities Regulatory Commission Vice President Fang Shinhai said on January 12 that the 44 day limit was the first day of the IPO on the 23rd Chinese Stock Exchange. The price of a transaction is a whopping price. "He believes that artificial limitation is unfair, and in the past few days there is no sales volume, and it is unfair." The first day of the daily limit is studied.

This Friday (Hanoi People's public telephone number: huoshan5188), the industry's chief academics and scholars and academics, participated in the seminar, focusing on the changes in the status of new stocks and the changes in the operating conditions of new shares after the list of Fan Shinei's listing.

A shareholder has received proven track record of having a 44% limit for the first time on the IPO's listing date, and the cancellation of the daily limit to the first day of the IPO listing on the basis of real-time trading and real price signage is rare.

On the first day of listing, the list was steadily rising to limit its focus

China's Securities Regulatory Commission Vice President Fang Shinhai held a speech during a Chinese Capital Market Forum held today (23rd).

In addition, the market is particularly concerned about the listing of new stock issues. Fang Shinhai said the 44% limit on the day's first issue was the daily limit. On the first day, the price was up 44%, and the volume of the trades is not trademarked. "Non-traded price directly, incorrect information." He believes artificial limits are unfair. There was no trading volume in the past few days. It is very unreasonable. "The first day of the daily limit is studied.

According to the Eastern Province's statistics, the list has been on the first day since November 24, with an increase of 43.96%, and the first 44% is the first day of the first five years.

As per Volcano Jun (WeChat public number: huoshan5188), the winning threshold limit, which is the first day of the IPO listing, is 44%. The current limit began with the renewal of the new share issuance system that was started in late 2013. At the beginning of this system, some analysts believe that the first day of the rise and fall of the stock market is a clear restriction.

A limited cancellation can be bought at the actual price

According to East Fortune Choice, the new listed shares that were listed before 2014 can be enormously described on the first day of listing on the first day of listing. For example, Luoyang Molybdenum, listed on October 9, 2012, has risen by 221% on the first day of trading, and two days later the well-known Hatching Food broke, the first day broke and its share price fell by 8%. 40 new sections were broken down on the first day of listing throughout 2012.

New shares were won on the first day in the first phase of the first IPO, which was part of the share market in the stock market, and was part of the market. New segments can not always be defeated regardless of the fluctuation of the stock index in recent years.

China's Vice-President of the Securities Regulatory Commission, Fang Shinhai, commented on several comments from senior industry practitioners, intellectuals and academics this afternoon.

Dong Denzing, Director of the Institute of Securities and Exchange Operations of the University of Wahan, believes that the 44-year limit for A-shares is on the first day of listing IPs. The actual price signal is set.

In recent years, "unpinned new stocks," because of some hot money, the trading channel uses a new stock listing that is listed on the new daily limit and promoted new stockpiling.

Dong Denshiff pointed out that the daily exceeds daily limits after the IPO. The hot money and the corporations were invented as a moody suggestion, which caused every new stock to be wasted without quality. Usually they are exaggerated, but they are still sold by retailers. Therefore, this limit is not protected by small and medium-sized investors.

In an interview with Vulkan Jun, the general manager of an insurance company said that the deadline should be revoked on the first day of the IPO listing. "The limit on the first day of the IPO listing does not only distort the price, but keeps retailers crossing the daily limit, and the high stock price is high." The first day's rise in the IPO and the foreclosure limits He hopes to ease the future issue with him.

Dong Danshong also pointed out that retailers are "leeks cutting" to prevent new leases, and on the first day of the IPO it is recommended to repeal the price limit and even introduce the "T + 0" reciprocal deal on the first day of IPO listing Will be made. A second trading day will become normal. "

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