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General Manager Guan Yun Traditional Chinese Diane, Birmingham, UK Traditional culture

Shenzhen International Artist, dedicated to leading audiences of the International Conference Center in Birmingham, UK on January 11[Īpcṭayims(January12)paripūrṇaprathamakāryasādhanayahētuvenṣenyunvisinānayanayakaranaladasahaapanayanasamāgamvalasāmānyādhikārīhākaḷamanākāraadhyakṣaælanṣarvinætuluvaovunpudumayaṭapatvūalaṁkārayapraśaṁsāvaṭalakkaḷēya[ඊප්ච්ටයිම්ස්(ජනවාරි12)පරිපූර්ණප්රථමකාර්යසාධනයහේතුවෙන්ෂෙන්යුන්විසින්ආනයනයකරනලදසහඅපනයනසමාගම්වලසාමාන්යාධිකාරීහාකළමනාකාරඅධ්යක්ෂඇලන්ෂර්වින්ඇතුලුවඔවුන්පුදුමයටපත්වූඅලංකාරයප්රශංසාවටලක්කළේය

"Shane is a great skill!" Allen Sherwin said: "Dance is fascinating.

As a whole, the Shaan Yuan drama dances as a whole, expressing the popularity of emotionally affluent people with Chinese poetry dance and various ethnic dances, and Shirvan appreciates it very much: "I talk very interesting, the traditional dance is very good, especially the dance of female performers is remarkable All movements are smooth and accurate. "

Zen Yun uses a mixture of East and West instruments, and is a remarkable and delicate form, which makes Sherwin's eyes open. "We clearly do not know this, and I approve total performance and did not expect a formal orchestra." It's great to see. "

Shernwyn agrees to the goal of Zen to reestablish traditional culture: "It is a great pleasure to see these traditional cultures." It's great to appreciate Chinese traditional style for the British with a historical perspective. "When I go to China, I see only the things that are new." I am therefore happy to see China's traditional side. "

Since reading the history of Chinese, it is very important to understand the history of the dynasty more than 600 years ago, and Shirvin believes that the followers of the traditions are important. It is important for every culture of the Chinese culture or for European culture. "

Author: Van Haro

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