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Lilak Park responds to sale of "high priced" dumplings: Medical Department gets prices with service charges | Medical Equipment | Plastic

Original title: responded by the sale of "high prices" by Lilake Park: Prices with Medical Equipment Service Rates

In the end, in 2018, he published a publicly disheartened article about Kwan Jiann and the people who sold him, from the popular Canadian physician, Crabtu Garden.

On January 11, an enormous letter points out that a "bone-based" tumor for Lyuan estate was priced "orthotics" at prices in the 1980s, sold under the Lilek Park site. A couple's health is twice as high. According to the letter, he suffered the right to take a large market for his products to the abdomen.

In response, a member of the People's Relations Department of the Lilyack Gardens responded to a Beijing correspondent on January 12, with a "Orthopedic Door Price" price tag for service follow-up services. In addition, the "Oysteric embroidery" is not an insole, and it is a properly qualified national medical device, and the first half of the year 2018 is launched. The crew for the strike power system for its products is "nonsense".

Show carton pills in the picture. Weibo screen shot

The text of the Net NTP directs to the earliest health system for the attack on the earliest hatchback estate

On December 25, 2018, Dr. Karmf liberated the theme "Tens of thousands of Health Empires and the Chinese Family".

A recent letter called WeChat Public Number, "Walking and Singing", has published a letter "Selling the Internet for the Lila Clinic under the Clerk's Garden." "Orthopedic Dread" has been questioned.

According to the letter, the Leal Estate of Quan Jianyi, one concerned with the "high price", that is, the price of 1068 inches of "bone foot" key has been calculated, and in the discounting of the inopause, the price of the purchase price is about seven or eighteen. In fact, the Lilekin Clinic of the Lilek's Park and the costly "Double Buyer Seekers" double the price of "Quantum Intensive" dollar in 1980, The article states that the attack on banana gardens has the advantage of increasing their product range.

Earlier in the day, Lilake Park listed a news website that was previously listed, and in September 2018, the Yincheng News Agency reported that an iron tent for repairing the Jingles Public Public Hospital was $ 2,650. Yuan 260 is the price. This suggests that the boxes that were sold by the Lily Park can be sold at an expensive price, but do not blame others.

On January 12, Beijing News Correspondent did not check the lid pill box.

Official website of the Kutos Clinic (Hangzhou Bingjieng Store)

Reaction: "Orthopedic drug" means a fully qualified medical device

On January 12, members of the Public Relations Department staff at Lilake Park told the Beijing news reporter: "The orthogonal pigeon mentioned" to the reader is not a pressing key, it is an outer link and a national first class medical device.

The staff member said "Orthogangal Sunna", which was sold at the kitchens, was not sold to the general population. Previously, the Lilinx showed the production of the clinic and did not come to a uniform price for the production price of the exhibition and a fixed price would be based on the doctor's assessment and measurements. Therefore, personalization can be personalized after being evaluated by a doctor before being able to be used for production. "The price will not be quoted in Yuan in 1980."

A letter is sent to the Beijing News Correspondent in Lilwatte, and the 100% EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate silicate) material, professionally designed typhoid indulges, is better for the disease. The purchase of the orthopedic cell at the clinic should be evaluated. If so, the user can not be customized according to the user's status. According to the person's underlying condition, the doctor transforms the base and bottom 360-degree development (Scoliosis screening, Payload analysis, Pollen estimation, Biomechanics analysis of the lower limit, Mutation development, and Soapy pressure testing). Specialized bike search, specialized treatment for conditions on one foot leg helps you to improve treatment options. Although remote assessment may be possible, however, remote-data data can not be configured.

A "nuts basil" key and a "high price chest" at the hospital in Ginzhou, where are the "top priced psycles" at the similar price-the Crabtree Park? Although the staff does not receive a direct answer, however, tax concessions to private hospitals and public service hospitals which do not provide financial assistance to the private hospitals of Lilana do not receive tax concessions. Private medical practitioners are complementary to public health organizations and have paid more attention to the value of the care of doctors, and these prices mainly include service charges for the following products.

The staff member said that "the price of orthopedic pills" floated in its place. "Material and needs vary, and high in price. When you use orthopedic shoes, you go to the clinic to test how to change the situation."

"The orthopedic drug manufacturer" has a complete productivity in medical equipment, and the staff has been able to sell various documents on the platform of the Lila Clinic and can sell the product.

In response to online "Attack Force," it said it was "nonsense".

Filing the information disclosure form of Hangzhou Soy Class I Medical Equipment

Follow up: This department has been submitted to the department

Understanding the production file system for a Primary Medical Equipment Class.

The aforementioned Crabbu garden Botanic Gardens Department Staff Reported Beijing Orthopic Medicinal Product Productivity Skills to Beijing News Correspondent, Recorded Number 20180125 Recorded To Record Number. On 12 January, the Beijing News Correspondent reported on the official website of the University of Hsinhua Market Administration Administration Administrative Administrative Administrative Administrative Administrative Administrative Administrative Administrative Administrative Administrative Administrative Administrative Administrative Administration Administration. The official website points out that the website of the website is publishing the medical device of the first class of information stored in Hangzhou. This product is manufactured by Hangzhou for Science Technologies Pvt.

Xenophobia is a specialist in human biomedical medicine, a medical, medical and medical device.

Deputy Director of the kidney children's hospital, Lan Jingu, told reporters that a true orthodontist should be identified by a doctor. Professional orthopedic equipment manufacturers can then align and analyze the professional forces, and then perform personalized personalized products. Boxes being sold by Quanjian are not individually created, and there is no legal procedure to rectify the equipment. It's not similar with orthopedic masking.

Beijing News correspondent, Wang Raviwon Shaw Shilling Wang

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