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New research suggests that the white-headed star is not the end of life. The main drought in the crystallization process is slowed down – Scientific exploration – cnBeta.COM

Astronomers have pointed out that astronomers point out that the white dwarf stars are not the end of stars. The naked shell of the ancient stars will become a "great crystal".Since

The study is based on the Gaia Detector of the European Space Agency (ESA) dedicated to the huge 3D map of the Milky Way. It is spread to red dwarfs when the star is "filled with hydrogen". When the red dwarf star is empty, the outer layer is systematically removed and the remaining nuclei called the white dwarf stars.


Thinking of White Dwarf's "Crystal" status (University of Warwick / Mark Garlic)

However, changing the red dwarf from a white dwarf star will not mean the evolutionary journey at the end.Since

In hundreds of billions, the star shell remains. Approximately 10 million cools at the center of the furnace. At this point, the center of the star begins to crystallize.

Prior to crystallization, the center is closely associated with the center of white dwarfs. Electron electrons and positively charged nuclei lose their electrons in the form of fluids.

When a transient occurs, a cluster of stars is formed form a dense atom. The ice is like transferring ice from the ice.Since

Thereafter, metal oxide crystals are formed, and outwardly the carbon mantle is stronger.

In this crystallization process, the dying star cooling is greatly slow, and can be extended to 2 billion years. More than 50 years ago, at the beginning of this prophecy, a large quantity of calories was released from the sterile body.

Astronomers can use the white dwarf life cycle, so they can be used according to the age assessment of neighboring star groups.Since

The crystallization process, which slows down the crystallization, is actually becoming stars.

The good news is that this new study will help astronomers improve the accuracy of the white dwarf speculation.

ESA Gaia satellite and can be combined with parallel data,The team of astronomers, led by Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Timble, PhD, Ph.D., from the Department of Physics at the University of Wawick, presented direct crystallization evidence of the white dwarf era.

In 300 light-years of light on the planet, 15,000 white white worms were selected, analyzing the brightness and color of the analysis.

Some groups of stars, with certain colors and brightness, coincided with their new proposed star transformation model.

This was published in nature (natureThe first straightforward Witness translation of the white dwarf from "liquid to solid"Since

The first subject is:

Basic crystallization sequence and landing in the white dwarf cooling sequence

The authors point out that only releasing heat is not enough to justify their observations.The energy released to gravity was derived by Dr Thumberle.

In the evolution, all white dwarfs are crystals, and the quality of this process speeds up. This means that our galaxy's white waveman will make a crystal ball of space.

About 10 billion years later, our sun becomes white dwarf.

[编译自:New Atlas , 来源:University of Warwick]

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