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On January 10, 2019, the first performance of American Shen Yon in New York art was filled with David Walker in New York's Lincoln Center. It's difficult to find tickets. Tickets for the next 13 exhibitions have been sold. However, CCP was also a team-mediating performance. The reporter reported that US police had been kept away from the scene and there were police officers in clandestinely checked areas. Immigration lawyers say these people are publicly violating US law.

The chairman of the Global Service Center of the Chinese Communist Party is Rong saying that they have been written in this case and that they will never come back after coming out of the United States. If you get a foreign education, you will not be able to stay in for a degree after graduation. Since the US supports Falong-Gug and the United States believe in freedom, CCP has angered all those who oppose Phil Hell, and are considered special CCP.

New world affairs analyst Shu Minh said that the US government has been severely repressed for its friendly attitude. The migration law of the trips administration is strictly in place, and these seemingly communalists often present evidence to the investigative agencies and to the migration authorities.

Outside the pre-dawn theater on the 10th of the afternoon, Chinese hands rested on a banners line with the words Chinese Shaun and Fallon Gong. As someone approaches the photo, some people raise the mark and block their faces.

New York Police Department police stepped up the square of Lincoln Center and did not allow them to proceed.

During this period, a number of placards were promoted, and their actions continued, and they have been thrown down by the police, "you will come down and you will not be able to continue."

Participants self-destruct the future

The chairman of the Global Service Center of the Chinese Communist Party, that Rong had intervened in the role of Zeng in Lincoln at the center, took photographs and produced evidence to the FBI, the Immigration and Customs Authorities (ICE). Rong says he will not report. In fact, the US government is already thinking about active participants in communism.

In an interview with Rong on October 10, Rong said: "These are publicly exposed, and we always present pictures, videos, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US Customs and Immigration Embassy."

"When these people return to the US or China back to the US, they may enter the United States." "Since the US government and other Western countries are very worried about the CCP's seizure, all of them capture these people."

After leaving the United States, some of the very close relatives of CCP was not returned, and Visa was canceled. "He said.

Indeed, whenever the CCP Pentagon sends to the people, there will always be people in the public or in the ghost of government investigative agencies to pay attention to the spectators to watch Shenzhen performance.

Before the 10th anniversary of Shen Yong's performance, such a reporter appeared in the lincoln center of the center and proved that the Shan was on the scene for customs investigations.

When the reporter arrived at the woman, documents and photographs of the case were uncovered. A Western man dressed in a black umbrella came and said that she should not be asked this way, that information has been revealed and others can see it.

In other words, the Western woman took a badge card from her pocket and showed the woman that she was a police officer dressed and reminded her of the safety of personal information.

"The ordinary people respect the Fa Google faith," Rong said, adding that the US government respects the trust in Felon Gong.

"These people, who are intervening, support and disperse the CCP for money, and they will come, they are interested in their own interests, and these people are destroying their future for money, and in fact, it is not appropriate."

The implementation of Tram's immigration law is tough. CCP spies and supporters are violent communists

Following the appointment of President Trump, the US Migration Policy is heavily involved in criminal cases, criminal activities or spying activities, and whether there is a Green Card to retain their credentials by federal agencies or international students who still plan to work in the United States Face-to-face return or re-import Nīmaṭa not being able to have the ability.

Those who interfere with the activities of Zeng are usually attacking boards and banners, attacking Shan Yang Ranga and Fallout Gang, and describing malicious crimes as criminal offenses with defamatory statements. Investigations have found that their immigration status is disadvantageous.

In the recent administrative procedures of the Immigration and Emigration Board, two requests have been collected for a green card, and one of them is: Have you lost the freedom of religion in another country? If you have lost your religious beliefs, you can not access a green card or citizen, as stated in administrative regulations after coming to power. "

Sey said: "The Constitution of the United States is a guarantee of the freedom of religious belief, the law has been firmly established, and it can not be interrupted, and it has already violated American law, which has been violated by American law."

According to this law, the Immigration bureau will reject green card applications. The cancellation of the persons with a green card or the relaxation of the recession. "If you violate migration laws, you will also be entering the US visa." There is a problem. "

The Immigration and Emigration Department states that a new policy document issued on 28 June last year has become criminal record, crime or crime. It will be the first time that Sri Lanka will be repatriated.

In addition, there will also be repatriations of suspicions of suspicious threats to public security and national security in the United States.

The current government's reactionary attitude is terrible.

According to the current US analyst, Yokohama, Western countries including the US have begun countering the foreign expansion of CCP's, and now the people who show signs of attacking the signs of the Shen offensive and other beliefs are active for the US government It will definitely be active. Prove lawful evidence.

"The west has already woken up and the United States has begun to fight again." Conflicts and uncertainties by the "Chinese Students and Experts' Association of the Confucius Institute are illegal, Congress, the media and the government have now begun to focus on. The Communist Chinese community, which was recently introduced by the law to enforce the registration of foreign delegates, is a general model. "

The CCP's bid to influence the U.S., particularly the media, cultural institutions, business and academic and political groups, the CCP's effort to "tighten the National Security Authorization Act" signed on August 13, 2018 by US President Tramp It will be condemned. "CCP penetration refuses to raise the national defense level.

According to the US Foreign Acts Act, on September 18, 2018, the US Foreign Aid Act provided that the Chinese Communist Party ordered the United States to register as "foreign delegates" to the two official official languages ​​of the Shinhua News Agency and the Chinese National Television Network.

Witness Fayyman Praga, who testified to US law enforcement agencies, denied that he had turned back to the United States last year when he was a very active person in New York.

According to many foreign media reports, in 2017, the union's chairman of the Association of Fellow-Nations in Fujian, New York, had a green card, but later found that he had a "lawsuit" when he returned to New York from China. Returning China back to Sri Lanka.

"This has already been explored by national security as already threatening national security that the United States already has centered on national ideology and values," said Yao Zhu. "In this situation, this CCP Falun Gong is persecuted." The US government does not have a proper presence, and the United States should not be extended, and the participants must take responsibility. "

"If these politicians or individuals are required to register as foreigners, if these politicians can demand political asylum, they will find it difficult to get a degree for students to find a job."

To tackle CCP's through international students, the Tram administration has often tightened the relevant migration policies. Therefore, international students participating in the community-based activity can be investigated as spies, and their hopes for their work in the United States are also worrisome.

In August 2018, US President Trap (Tamp) was a private dinner hosted by a large number of spies among Chinese students from China.

In a speech on October 4, 2018, the "Chinese Communist Students Union", which was reported to the embassy and the consulate, was "criticized" critically. The US government's strict attitude to maintaining the "Communist line" demonstrated that, whatever the model they are, we would be exposed against Beijing's influence and intervention on US politics and policy. "" We will not give. "

In November 2018, a Reuters source quoted Reuters Element as saying that the TMP administration was adding a new limitation because the Chinese students had a new background review and potential outbursts.

"Since no one can help the CCP representatives, because CCP did not have any jobs, CCP can not help them, because the CCP itself can not help because they can not support themselves."

Lou Dong, a spokeswoman for the Christian Democratic Party of China, said: "The CCP's denunciation demonstrates the bad spirit of the CCP and its pursuit of the foundations of the Communist dictatorship is used in God's emotional dance art." "Unlucky enthusiasm for the thugs to sell their spirits and consciences and punish them with American law." #

Author: Zhang Yang, Lee

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