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The Red Star, Red Star, will be looking at Tottenham Hotspur in the Manchester United game against the "Red Devil". The conflict is regarded as "an interview" between Pocatino and Solsicher.

Pochetino, named Manchester United's new coach, Salsquoer of the current rugby team will become more likely to become Manchester United's next coach for the next season. (Photos: AFP)

(London, No. 12) "Madrid Union" Manchester United will focus on the current Premier League Tinton at Goethepur. This strong race seems to be an expression of Pocoto and Solzazier. Fight. "

Manchester United United target Manchester United

Manchester United's prestigious star, Sonshooter and Pokethino, is Executive Vice President of Madrid United. Manchester United fans and fans are the best coach of the Premier League, and Manchester United's vice president. Ward's mind is the number one candidate for the new official coach.

Although Suo Shuai is only a temporary coach, he is still silent on the Norwegian team, but after the end of the season, he was able to win the 5th position in Manchester United after he was elected, and many Manchester United enthusiasts supported him. Therefore, he is of the view that Susu Shui can now pass the end of the cuts. He went on to say, "I do not want to leave Mutter United this May in May"

During the weekend, Manchester will be two coaches to train in the next season of Innocence, at Wembley Stadium. Ferguson's umpires from Manchester United will see the Woodford game. Therefore, Suyo Shuai and Bo Shuwei red fairies admit. A direct interview with a big name.

The final winner will be Bo Shuai, then his position in Woodward will be reinforced. If the Suu Suai wins, he will reach him to the climax of the public opinion he demands from him to turn in positive, so even the Woodward, dear favorite public opinion.

Shuohui invites Ferguson to invade the Red Spheres

Soldiers invited Ferguson to the Carrington Training Camp and invited Manchester United to come back to Tottenham Hotspur. Tokatnet coach Pocotino said that the Suohu Shui decision after the incident was a good decision.

Manchester will launch a tough fight with Tottenham in the unveiling at United Nations Weekend. This is a real test after Seoul Chui became a temporary coach. In the mid-week of the week, he invited invited lecturers to visit Ferguson United Career Training Center in Manchester, Manchester United and Manchester United.

Ferguson Ferguson told Ferguson that Manchester United was once again a great player in the game and wanted to get the best contribution of Sir Alex Ferguson to enhance the morale of the players.

Bo Shu'ai learned that his character, Ferguson, was directed at Carrington Training Center, said: "Sylkka's Inspiration Mom:" I can not conceal my Ferguson's praise. "He is the best soccer coach and soccer in history.

What is the winning reward for 5?
Shuohui faces the actual test

Suo-Xiai's pressure is inevitably higher at any given time than the brightest wave. For sure that he will not lose the ball to see the hope of a positive turn.

In addition, test versus Totem and Testing is also the practice of training Manchester United. He scored 5 runs for the team. The match was played at the Galle International Stadium. But there are opponents in the middle and lower levels. So you can win over at the weekend, Tottaman Ham can prove his training ability.

It has been reported that he has been playing in Test cricket since being the coach of Manchester United. "We always need to match any opponent, it's our advantage, we need to attack our opponents, but when we fight Spurs, we must take every opportunity because we will not be able to get many opportunities as before."

Manchester United Janset Limit the Space

When he spoke on the wave of training itself, Mr. Shui was given a high level of appreciation. "Because he has done a very good job, Manchester intends to try to reach the edge of United."

Torrentam Ford Cannon scored 21 points in the last eight, and this was the biggest threat to Manchester United. Suhhui said Cannon is one of the world's best centers, if Manchester wants to win Una convinced, they do not allow them to keep cannon.

Sun Sinuju's recent warm red character

In the past six South Korean kings scored 7 goals and 5 assistances for the Sunshine Toton Hunger in San Antonio for a total of 40 minutes. Although the Asian Cup was opened, Manchester United unnecessarily returned to the national squad to face the face.

When Salckeer wanted to turn around after the end of the evening, he had to defeat Pokato, a "Interviewist" competitor. (Pics: Associated Press)

Bobba is due to return

Manchester United Sports Club, Seoul Shuai Manchester United grounds, and Bogdana became a substitute for Mormino's training. Previously, Boboba was injured. So two days later he left for Dubai for training. But his injuries have recovered, and it is in the current round, Suu Jiu said.

Now the biggest problem in Manchester Unity is that there is a safety defect. The prohibition is prohibited by this rail card. Slain and ruoro wounds have disappeared and Argentina has suffered more serious injury. Under such circumstances, Manchester United hosted Phil Jones and Lindner. A sharp forward force against TOTHAN will be unhappy.

Therefore, Manchester has abandoned the United Nations Security Forces, and the most powerful weapon is to fight for victory. In addition to Bombay, the rest of the Manchester United opponents were also excellent, with Rashford taking 5 points. Two Lyndar goals and two assistants contributed. The highest number of goals scored.

Shuhu Shuwei won this round if he joined the former Manchester United coach at Busby, and in the fifth round of the first round, Manchester became the second coach to train the unconventional.

It's a classic goal of a light nightcap

When Manchester Manchester United talked about Bu-Huai, he sent a swing to Suuhui, and he was encouraged to help Manchester United's death in 1999 in the Champions League final. Scania's goal was untrustworthy, and we all praised for our intention. The Manchester United innings will be very high in the weekend, and the game will be very difficult. "

Compared to Manchester United, the physical strength of Tortonhum will be null and void. In the middle of the week, the English League Cup contested against the Chelsea quarter-final 1-0. "Manchester United have taken time to prepare for the tournament, and we attended the trophy, and the physical fitness of the athletes would be disadvantageous, but we are pretty good to show the best performance during the weekend."

No one can lose it

At present, there are six places behind the tempest in Liverpool, so if you want to keep the title, you should try 3 points in this round.

Manchester United's behind Chelsea behind six. In the fourth place, this race has to be won by pushing the fourth place with the end of this season.

Manchester United tied up with a 0-3 wicket in the first wicket and failed to beat the Toronto Raptors. In addition, the Reds failed to win the first six against the top five teams in the tournament. It was psychologically disadvantageous.

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