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Set it! Shaw che chevied CI to play again, Yao Mee responded simply and appropriately! – This season, there is not so much a weight – the window of play

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Original title: Standing! Shaw che chevied CI to play again, Yao Mee responded simply and appropriately!

Recently, by the cut-off by Rockets, the fans were considering whether to return to the domestic professional basketball league for the CBA to play in the CBA. Breaking news in the news has been disrupted by the current team. Give a response.

Yao Min Shaw as the chairman of the Basketball Association was not kept constantly, and he was not previously registered in the CBA, but could not return to Cba for the season, but Dingy Junjou followed the dream in the United States. Prior to previous pre-registration in the CBA, he could return to the CBA earlier, and Mr Yang said, the regulations must be strictly enforced, and CBA pre-registrations were made one year ago. Such an interim policy will be considered for players who are overseas and will grow in a more regulated and flexible direction in the future.

The OIO is similar to the official zhu chemist, and if he can not find a job in this knuckles, he can not turn around to say so. Joe's position is due to the countless number of people, and of course, there is no privilege after the rules have been formulated. This will ensure a relatively fair and competitive environment. Everyone knows that Joe's career in Chinese men's basketball player is definitely a basketball player.

Some say that Jay Jianlian Exhibitions Basketball Federation is not a trick? Indeed, the situation in the time of J Jianlin was not the same as Qi Qi. The case of Yi Jianliani further contributed to the development of laws. This time, ShaKlee happened again, and in the near future, some of our laws will become more flexible and standardized. However, according to existing rules, the rules are to be followed and the rules are very important. The principle is very important.

In fact, the 2019 men's football World Cup will come very soon and will need to maintain their status in Sho Cricket. This reality is contrary to the reality, but they can not break the rules.Go back to Sohu and see more

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